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Plastic / Spare

Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball


Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball

$239.99 $129.95

Hammer is excited to release an innovative polyester ball, a Black Widow Viz-A-Ball… with the Gas Mask core! This exciting ball provides the hitting power and flare the core offers and takes the Widow polyester line to the next level with...

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Columbia 300

Columbia 300 Blue Dot

$99.99 $69.95

The Blue Dot is a harder polyester than the Columbia 300 White Dots. A harder cover allows for the slickest performance even on the driest lane conditions, making the Blue Dot the most reliable spare ball for any bowler.

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Storm Mix Off White

$89.99 $64.95

Storm is synonymous with high performance, but not everyone is in the market for premium performance. The Mix series is perfect for recreational bowlers just getting their feet wet or the seasoned veteran needing a straighter option for spare shooting...

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Radical The Spy

$119.99 $93.99

We took the Incognito core’s great performance and wrapped it in a textured polyester cover, creating a ball that has the length desired from polyester with a little extra kick down lane from the asymmetrical Incognito core. The Spy features a...

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Ebonite Maxim Night Sky

$79.99 $59.95

For the bowler who puts a high priority on bowling in style, the most popular polyester ball in the world is ready to take your game to the next level. With the release of even more exciting new styles. Maxim keeps you looking good at any age.

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Motiv Allegiant Sniper

$164.99 $99.95

The Allegiant Sniper spare ball utilizes MOTIV® TruShot™ Polythane technology, which provides the performance of polyester with the durability of urethane.  Combining this new cover technology with the proven Hollow-Point core, the...

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