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Pre-Order Balls


Hammer Scorpion Sting

$194.99 $144.95

The Scorpion has been an excellent release for Hammer and continues to do well in the market; bowlers love the amount of hook they get from a mid-performance ball. The new Scorpion Sting complements the original Scorpion, giving bowlers a shiny...

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Hammer Envy Solid

$239.99 $189.95

The non-Hammer fans will have ball envy when they see this new Hammer ball out-hook and out-strike their balls. The new Hammer Envy was designed to be the strongest Hammer ball ever created. We started with the new asymmetric...

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Ebonite The One Remix

$199.99 $149.95

ADVANCE IN COVER TECHNOLOGY Sometimes the remix is better than the original, and in this case, the original was something special. With advances in cover technology, there is no doubt that the new Ebonite The One Remix is the best one yet...

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Storm Night Road

$199.99 $159.95

The Storm Bolt doesn’t just identify a Storm bowling ball. It represents over three decades of tradition, a commitment to quality, and a promise to always roll better than ever before. The covers are robust. The cores are exact. Because when the...

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