Training Tools

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  • The Rev Trainer

    Eileen's Bowling Buddy Rev / Ball Motion Trainer

    eileen's bowling buddy
    The Rev / Ball Motion Trainer: The Rev Trainer allows you to work on hand and release position while learning to put revolutions on the ball.  You get 6 inches of room for movement of the ball in the release explosion zone and the ability see the...
  • Path Trainers

    Eileen's Bowling Buddy Path Trainers

    eileen's bowling buddy
    The Path Training Disc: Rubber discs that vary from 2-4 inches x 3-5 inches long Allow you to map out any path on the lane and shoot around the discs Great skill training exercise and gives immediate feedback to the bowler Helps to teach...
  • The Balance Trainer

    Eileen's Bowling Buddy Balance Trainer

    eileen's bowling buddy
    The Balance Trainer This tool is simple to use - just put it on the floor, step on it, and try to balance as you swing your training tools.  It may be simple to use - but it's difficult to master!  Try to stay in your post position as you...
  • The Two Handed Swing Trainer

    Eileen's Bowling Buddy Two Handed Swing Trainer

    eileen's bowling buddy
    The Two Handed Swing Trainer A 3/4 Rubber Bowling Ball weighing 8.5 lbs and is made of solid rubber.  It has 2 finger holes which allows you to swing the ball as a two handed bowler would, and make adjustments in the swing, body position, and...
  • The Alignment Trainer

    Eileen's Bowling Buddy Alignment Trainer

    eileen's bowling buddy
    The Alignment Trainer One flexible silicone rubber pad that you place on the floor Comes with 4 rods that you place into the holes in the four corners of the Alignment Trainer. Adjust the width of the opening by moving the rods to the outer holes...
  • The Axis Trainer

    Eileen's Bowling Buddy Axis Trainer

    eileen's bowling buddy
    The Axis Trainer: Great for all levels of bowlers learning to control their release Practice zero axis  Learn to add and remove axis from your release Learn to increase and reduce speed from your release Work on proper hand position
  • The Release Trainer

    Eileen's Bowling Buddy Release Trainer

    eileen's bowling buddy
    The Release Trainer A small ball shaped device with a handle. It helps bowlers train using the hand and fingers in the proper release technique. Using the Release Trainer, you will build finger, wrist and forearm strength, and improve release skills...
  • XL Swing Trainer

    Eileen's Bowling Buddy XL Swing Trainer

    eileen's bowling buddy
    The XL Swing Trainer  Works well for those who use a 14, 15 or 16 lb bowling ball.   The Swing Trainer: Straighten arm swing  Promote straight back, straight forward swing Loosen arm swing  Strive for a smooth gravity fed...

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