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  • Radical Double Cross - Urethane $ 144.95 Radical Double Cross

    Radical Double Cross

    MSRP: $214.99
    The Double Cross is Radical’s first-ever urethane introduction. The Double Cross features a new core specifically designed to produce unprecedented urethane performance, with an RG of 2.528 and a total differential of 0.035; the differential is...
  • Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane - Urethane $ 149.95 15lb & 16lb Core

    Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane

    MSRP: $209.99
    Often imitated and never duplicated… this is the famous Purple Pearl Urethane, and it’s finally back in the Hammer line. Some skeptics said we couldn’t make a Black Widow, and it just happens to be one of the hottest balls on...
  • Discontinued
    Storm Fast Pitch - Urethane $ 134.95 Storm Fast Pitch

    Storm Fast Pitch

    We’ve spent the last 30 years obsessing over it. Breaking rules and building balls with a conviction others would probably call crazy. Many look to Storm to cut through oil and create supreme entry angle, but not every situation requires maximum...
  • Discontinued
    Brunswick U-Motion - Mid Performance $ 134.95 Brunswick U-Motion

    Brunswick U-Motion

    U-Motion was one of our biggest ball tests over the last 6-9 months, we understand the need for urethane and tested many different core designs and urethane formulas. The core features a higher RG and lower DIFF for excellent urethane ball motion. The...
  • Discontinued
    Storm Pitch Purple - Mid Performance $ 134.95 Storm Pitch Purple

    Storm Pitch Purple

    The Storm Bolt logo is easily identifiable, and so should be your ball reaction. The Pitch Purple features a redesigned coverstock with the tried-and-true Capacitor Core. This not only retains the phenomenal control and feel of its predecessor, the Pitch...
  • Pitch Black

    Storm Pitch Black

    MSRP: $179.99
    Technology of yesteryear, with the spin of today’s modern game. The Pitch Black is the ultimate choice for wood lanes or shorter oil patterns. The Controll Solid Urethane is porous and predictable. The Capacitor Core helps regulate flare potential;...

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