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Hammer Radioactive Vibe - Lower Mid Performance $ 109.95
Hammer Radioactive Vibe
Current Stock:
Core Type:
HK22 - CT Reactive Max
Neon Yellow
Cover Type:
Solid Reactive
500/1000/1500 Siaair/Factory Compound
Available Weights:
10-16 lbs
Radius of Gyration(15lb):
Max Differential(15lb):
Lane Condition:
Light to Medium Oil

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Hammer Radioactive Vibe - Lower Mid Performance $ 109.95
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The Radioactive Vibe is the brightest and boldest Vibe ever to hit the market. The new Vibe is a bright and shiny neon yellow that looks like it glows and will stand out on the lanes like no other Vibe. The Radioactive Vibe will also stand out for how it performs – this ball was a true winner in all of our tests, giving an earlier motion than the Ocean Vibe but covering more backend boards. The performance and extra backend come from the addition of HK22. The combination of the proven core and hottest coverstock on the market will make the Radioactive Vibe one of the most exciting releases this season.

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