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DV8 Hell Raiser Return - High Performance Bowling Balls $ 164.95
DV8 Hell Raiser Return
Current Stock:
Hell Raiser D. O. T.
Core Type:
Inciter Max Flip
Cover Type:
Pearl Reactive
500/1000/1500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound
Available Weights:
12-16 lbs
Radius of Gyration(15lb):
Max Differential(15lb):
Int. Differential(15lb):
Strong Midlane and Backend
Lane Condition:
Medium to Heavy Oil

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In 2011, DV8 Bowling was launched and has created fans for the last decade. The first ball released was the Hell Raiser. It set forth the way DV8 would be seen in the industry: Damn Good Bowling & Tonight We Bowl. Going back to its roots, DV8 introduces the Hell Raiser Returns. It comes with same shape core (15lbs RG 2.537 DIFF .053 ASY DIFF .016) and an updated cover for today’s conditioners. The coverstock is the new Inciter Max Flip Pearl which will produce a strong midlane and backend reaction that should have a sharper shape at the end of the pattern.

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3 Reviews

  • It's back and making a statement

    Posted by <span>Antonio Garcia</span> on Mar 7th 2021

    DV8 10th anniversary brings back the Hellraiser in DV8 Hellraiser Return. This asymmetric ball features the Hell Raiser D.O.T core and Inciter Max Flip cover stock, creating a strong midlane ball with a strong backend motion. Great for the track players that play 10 board. If you got some hand in your shot you can move in and have this ball cover some boards. I highly recommend for league bowlers who want that extra to carry the dreaded corner pin.

  • Everything You Want in a Skid / Flip Ball

    Posted by <span>Scott Crawford</span> on Feb 22nd 2021

    The DV8 Bowling Hell Raiser Return is literally everything you would want and expect from a good skid / flip bowling ball. Clean up front, good length, left turn down lane, great pin action = a bunch of strikes. This ball will be great on house patterns, later on in blocks for sport shots that are broken down and any time you want to get left and open up the lane some. DV8 has been going back to it’s roots with some aggressive exciting balls and this is no exception. Drilled this one 70 x 3.75 x 20 to compliment the design of the ball and resulted in a high flaring change of direction pearl! Link to video here:

  • A Return 10 Years in the Making!!!

    Posted by <span>Bryan Williams, PBA Member and DV8 Pro Staff</span> on Feb 20th 2021

    One of the benchmark bowling balls in DV8’s 10-year history has made its return. The Hell Raiser Return is back and better than ever! Like the original Hell Raiser, the Hell Raiser Return features the Original Hell Raiser core with the new DOT Technology and DynamiCore. The Hell Raiser Return is core is covered in the Inciter Max Flip coverstock, which makes this ball extremely clean off the spot. It is ideal when you have to move inside and recovers beautifully. This ball is layed out similar to my DG Verge, but provides me a completely different look allowing me to move more inside and the ball recovers and maintains its hitting power. Definitely the ball I will use wihen opening up the lanes and when I need a ball for medium lane conditions. Remember…if you are not throwing DV8, you’re just not bowling!!!

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