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Hammer Black Widow 2.0 | Upper Mid Performance $ 159.95
Hammer Black Widow 2.0 | Upper Mid Performance $ 159.95
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Gas Mask
Aggression Solid
Cover Type:
Solid Reactive
500/1000/2000 Siaair
Available Weights:
12-16 lbs
Radius of Gyration(15lb):
Max Differential(15lb):
Int. Differential(15lb):
Aggressive Backend
Lane Condition:
Medium to Heavy Oil

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Hammer Black Widow 2.0 | Upper Mid Performance $ 159.95
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It’s back, and it’s beautiful. The original black and red colors pay homage to one of the most successful balls of all-time, as we bring back the original reaction shape, updated for today’s conditions. The Black Widow 2.0 is precisely what you want from a Black Widow, enough traction on medium to heavy oil, and a big sweeping continuous ball motion that creates a lot of angle and high scores. This is the ball that bowlers have been asking for, and they will be in love.

The Black Widow 2.0 features the original Gas Mask core shape the bowling world knows and loves and is combined with a Carbon Fiber outer core for durability and power. This familiar core system is wrapped with Aggression Solid and has a 500, 1000, 2000 Siaair finish.

Product Reviews


8 Reviews

  • Predictable!

    Posted by <span>C. Miller</span> on Feb 6th 2021

    First thought on the new Black Widow 2.0 is predictable.
    The ball is smooth with a rounded shape , down lane. It packs plenty of hitting power.

    Observation is straight out of the box, no surface adjustment. The ball will tell you what the lane is giving you and make your adjustments from there.

    Keeping things simple!

  • Like the original Black Widow…Only Better!

    Posted by <span>Scott Crawford</span> on Dec 23rd 2020

    The Black Widow 2.0 is fantastic. After all the variations of the Black Widow this is the true second version of the original, so it had a lot to live up to and I think it does. The Gas Mask core is probably my favorite core of all time. It is just so continuous and powerful. It produces great pin action and hits as hard as any core I’ve ever seen and just seems to strike more. Now this Aggression Solid coverstock at a 2000 box finish is exactly that…. Aggressive and more overall hook than the original for sure. But the shape is very familiar for Widow fans. Strong overall, good mid-lane traction and amazing through the pins on the back. I’ve seen the best look from this so far when it sees some oil. It’s not meant for the dry really, but it thrives on a fresh house shot with some oil and on sport shots. Mine is drilled 55 x 3.75 x 20 and lets me open up the lane some and play multiple angles too. This will be a ball I use early in league and early in tournament blocks.

  • Hammer Black Widow 2.0

    Posted by <span>Joseph Petrovich</span> on Dec 12th 2020

    Hammer Black widow 2.0
    Hammer has done it AGAIN

  • 50 x 4 x 75 – PAP 4 ½ -&gt; and ½^ - Speed – 15mph – Rev Rate 380

    Posted by <span>Christopher Doerr</span> on Dec 8th 2020

    Did you like the original Black Widow? You might as well order this one up because it reminds me of that exact same motion. I put the exact same layout on this one as the original and clean and smooth hard arcing shape down lane. There is a little more oil on the outside on our house shot now so I was able to move right and then move left as the lanes broke down and the shape was always consistent. I could’ve had a monster set with this ball out of the box but I was not making quality shots in game 3.

  • Best Widow EVER!

    Posted by <span>Andrew AJ Jensen</span> on Dec 1st 2020

    My first thoughts, like a lot of you, was please let this Black Widow 2.0 (The re release of the Original) be just like the original. Please!
    The anticipation of this release was going to be “special.” It had to be. We couldn’t release the Black Widow unless it was as close to perfect as one could get.
    I can, without a doubt, say that this Black Widow 2.0 is every bit similar as the original. The original was smooth but very continuous down-lane and had the ability to be used from every angle you could imagine. It’s the ball that helped me shoot my first 800 series. Without a doubt the Black Widow 2.0 is all of the above. So similar that I can’t remember which is which. The 2.0 is a ball that everyone should have and even have more than one. I have a pin up and pin down. I also have a couple undrilled for backups. If you can afford to buy more than one. Do it! It will be the best purchase you ever made.

  • Black Widow 2.0

    Posted by <span>Bob Newman</span> on Nov 18th 2020

    The Hammer Black Widow series is new to me as I wasn’t bowling when the Widows were first introduced. I was/am a fan of the Black Widow Pink from last year and I have to say I’m an instant fan of the Black Widow 2.0. I was surprised how clean it is through the front part of the lane but then it has a very strong, smooth rounded shape to and through the pins. You don’t want to miss out on this one. I would says it’s a little cleaner than my Track Proof Solid , similar rounded shape but a little more continuous.

  • Hammer Black Widow 2.0

    Posted by <span>Michael Smith</span> on Nov 17th 2020

    This IS the Black Widow that you remember re tooled for todays oil and patterns. Predictable in the midlane and great move and continuation off the spot and through the pins. This ball is beyond all the hype. If you even just liked the original you will LOVE this fantastic Hammer release.

  • Legend is back

    Posted by <span>matt jones</span> on Nov 11th 2020

    Black widow 2.0 is exactly what you would expect out of a widow. This balls reads the mid lane and has that nice continuous motion through the pins that you would expect from a widow. I know people were curious how this ball would be when brunswick took over and I can tell you this ball didn&#039;t disappoint. I pretty much stayed in the puddle on the house pattern and besides a few wrap 10s this ball was getting to the pocket with ease and getting through the pins. So if you like the widows dont miss out on this one.

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