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Hammer Envy Solid - High Performance Bowling Balls $ 189.95
Hammer Envy Solid
Current Stock:
Core Type:
Envy Solid
Cover Type:
Solid Reactive
500/1500 Siaair
Available Weights:
12-16 lbs
Radius of Gyration(15lb):
Max Differential(15lb):
Int. Differential(15lb):
Lane Condition:
Heavy Oil

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Hammer Envy Solid - High Performance Bowling Balls $ 189.95
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The non-Hammer fans will have ball envy when they see this new Hammer ball out-hook and out-strike their balls. The new Hammer Envy was designed to be the strongest Hammer ball ever created. We started with the new asymmetric “Launcher” core that is packed with impressive features. The Launcher core has both a flip block and our exclusive radial disc technology; these components move mass away from the center, creating an increased imbalance for a stronger reaction throughout the lane. For the cover, we went with the ultra-aggressive Envy Solid cover, found initially on the Obsession and ensuring plenty of hook in oil. Don’t have ball envy… add the new Hammer Envy to your arsenal.

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